Made to Order Collections

Due to the hand crafted nature of our products, it is possible for us to do customized orders, in small and large quantities. We can customize some of our existing products or create entirely new variations according to your needs. Listed below are some guidelines to place your order.

To place your custom order write to us at

Ordering Guidelines:

Lead Times:

Our lead time may vary depending on order volume, capacity and design. But on any occasion, the lead times will be an minimum of 4 working weeks, as it takes us that long to make, dry, glaze and fire our products.

There is however no compromise in the quality of products whether they are made to order or are in stock. We strive for the best quality, irrespective of the quantity we make.

Placing an order: 

To confirm order, the purchaser shall issue a purchase order by email or msg. 50% deposit is required to process an order. Payment is due in full prior to delivery, including shipping and handling charges if shipped by ASAO. All prices are ex-factory; TAXES (GST) and DUTIES bill be applicable at the time of billing. Once processed, orders cannot be changed and will incur a 15% cancellation fee. Once production has begun, orders cannot be cancelled.

(Note- Taxes and Duties may change without prior notice.)


As our pieces are made by hand and can break/crack during the various processes that the piece goes through, upto 10% over original quantity is made. Any extra pieces made, that pass our quality checks, will have to be paid by the customer.


Custom Glazes or form development are subject to individual quotations. Sampling charges for the same may apply, depending on the quantity and nature of the design.

Sampling charges one time charge will depend on individual product. Minimum Rs 2000.00 (two thousand) per design for 2samples it may change according to design of product.

If any custom designing is involved and is done by Studio ASAO on behalf of the customer. Studio ASAO may charge a fee for the service.


Quotations are valid for 10 days. Prices are subject to change without notice. Due to the hand crafted nature of our products, variation in size and colour should be expected.


We care a great deal about customer satisfaction and the quality of our products. Each piece that leaves our Studio is inspected by hand to ensure the same. Irregularities, some amount of worpage in mouth and variation in glaze and body colour are inherent due to the Hand Crafted nature of our pieces. We feel that these characteristics add to the natural beauty and unique quality of our products and are in no way flaws.

All our products are hand thrown on the potters wheel and our clay body shrinks about 15% in production. “About” means that it is not an exact science and variation in size up to 5% to 10% can occur.


Definition of a damaged product: A chipped, cracked or completely broken article is considered damaged. Variation in glazes, color, up to 10% difference in size, up to 5 pinholes and variation in color of the exposed clay body are not considered as damages. 

 “For any specific rejection conditions a specification sheet to be issued by the purchaser and to be agreed by Studio ASAO in writing to ensure best quality before hand“


As our pieces are made by hand and thus values a lot. Each piece goes through by hand and eye inspection for quality check before packaging. We take a great deal about our Packaging to ensure product safety while stocking and transportation.

The products will come with a standard packaging of corrugated box with shredded paper/ bubble wrap (depending on the product) on the inside. Any other packaging will be charged extra at a special rate.

Shipping and Handling:

All our orders are shipped via Fedex or Blue Dart. The charges for the same will be as per actuals.

Damages and Breakages:

Any Damages or Breakages must be reported within 3 days of delivery.

Please take a photograph of the products along with their packaging and send it to ys in  studio.asao@gmail.comwith the Subject - ‘Damaged Package’. So that we can track down and improve on our packaging.


Studio ASAO regularly keep investing for developing new shapes and products. If Baseware / Product designed by SA or choosen from SA’s catlogue. All righte remain with SA.

Studio ASAO also provides services to develop new shapes and products for clients for an developing cost.

If Baseware/Product design provided by Purchaser. The Purchaser takes all resposcelinity regarding its copyrights.

Product Safety:

Our culture is one of enjoyment around food, dining and celebrations. The safety of our products for you and the friends and family you invite is extremely important to us. Each piece from clay to kiln – is made at our studio setup in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Our products are an amalgamation of the highest quality materials and production control, which means that we know our materials and where they come from. We DO NOT use lead, cadmium or any other harmful material as a glaze ingredient.

Quality and Care:

Our ceramic ware is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe if used properly (unless specified otherwise). It should not, however, be placed over direct heat, or shocked from one extreme hot temperature to another.